WordPress Training Services

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Online Training

Starting at $20

Learn efficiently online!

Our online Jumpstarts are aimed at beginners who are looking for a fun, informative and cost-effective way to learn WordPress, build knowledge, and take charge of their online strategy. 

The best thing is, you don’t have to be in Chicago to join us for our virtual training sessions!

Revised for 2020

WordPress Jumpstart

Starting at $199

Online Classes

Scott Winterroth has operated and taught the Chicago WordPress Jumpstart since 2010 and it was designed to help navigate the very basics of getting into WordPress website development. Ideal for someone looking to get into web content management as a career or to add more tricks to their skill toolbox.  This class is more of a broad-based “follow me” getting started overview to verify you’re on the right path to success.


One-on-One Sessions

Starting at $300 for the initial 2.5-hour online session.

In-Depth Learning

Think of this like hiring a personal trainer for your website or blog!  Ideal if you have acquired WordPress duties or you’re looking to take on more of your website’s strategy and responsibilities.  Each online session is tailored to you where you can simply “ask us anything” WordPress or marketing related. Ideal if you have theme specific questions or individual needs.

Small group coaching also available upon request.

Coaching Sessions

Join our online community to gain access to our group coaching call and learn how you can access our coaches to get help when you need it.

Video Tutorials

Coming Soon! Access our growing library of member-only WordPress video tutorials that we have hand crafted for our community.

Skill Challenges

Participate in special montly skill building exercises and get ideas for how to continue your learning journey.

New Monthly Content

Dive into our helpful and valuable monthly content aimed at keeping you up to date with the ebb and flow of the larger WordPress community.

Group Coaching Call

Hop on our regular group coaching calls to hear directly from the coaches but also learn from other community members.

Private Community

This is not a marketing project, we’re a community of WordPress experts who love to share and help others grow.

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