Self-Hosting with WordPress

This course clarifies the question about how to self-host a website with WordPress. is the main site repository for WordPress documentation, open source software contribution, Plugins and Hosting recommendations.

The most important screen we should look at is Hosting but is not a hosting company.

WordPress Recommends Web Hosts

WordPress recommends the hosting companies listed on the hosting page. There are a lot of hosting companies to choose from. You need a Hosting Company when you self-host your blog or website.

Choosing a Hosting Company

Hosting Companies access the WordPress software from Cheap hosting is not the way to go.

In the previous video we talked about the tier hosting on Cheap hosting will have insufficient memory, restricted use, and not enough technical support.

We don’t start off knowing everything. There are times when things will go wrong with your website, and you need reliable tech support whenever you need it.

DON'T Download WordPress

Take note of the Download WordPress button on This is for developers who build websites on their computers.

When you sign up with a Hosting Company of your choice, they will activate the WordPress software from their servers.

Choosing a Domain Name

Some Hosting companies include Domain Name Registration when you sign up for their hosting services.

First, research the domain and make sure it is available before signing up with a hosting company.

You can register your domain with a Domain Registrar:

Let’s look at a Domain Name search database to find out as much information as we can about a specific domain.

Researching a Domain Name

Researching the Domain Name for your blog or website with a blog is the first step before signing up with a Hosting Company.

You want to make sure the domain name you want to use is available, and is not confusingly similar to a registered domain.

In the first video, setting up a blog on, the blog name is bloggingjoan. Let’s use this in our search as a possible domain name.

Domain Search Results

The domain is available.
When searching for a domain make sure it is available. If the domain name is available and you want to use it purchase it.

You don’t have to host your website with the Domain Registrar.

  • is a Domain Registrar.
  • Do a thorough research.
  • Use the Whois Lookup feature.


A self-hosted website is not hosted on

DON’T download WordPress to your computer.

Your website is hosted on a Hosting Company server.

You find a Hosting Company of your choice.

Examples of Self-hosted Websites

Self-hosted personal Blog. The registered domain name is, hosted on SiteGround, using the Wise Theme.

The Wise Theme is custom built by Scott Winterroth and Krishna Gupta.

Visit this site to see how a self-hosted WordPress blog can be used to promote services and connect to other activities.



Self-hosted Personal Blog

Scott is the Founder of Front & Social a creative public relations and digital marketing agency based in Chicago.

He is the Co-Founder of Content Academy a community of professionals who offer in-person training for blogging, content marketers, future content strategists, and WordPress training.

This site has no restrictions, no memory limitations. The full complement of the WordPress software is available to expand and grow the personal blog platform.

Self-hosted Website With a Blog

This is RealTime Paradigm a self-hosted website with a blog. This is the WordPress Dashboard.

The domain name is, hosted on SiteGround using the Divi Theme.

WordPress is well organized

When you are inside the Dashboard you will need to familiarize yourself with the different areas and settings. When you mouse over the area a menu option will open, select the area you want to open.

The Divi Theme is self-sufficient for the purposes of this website with a blog.

You will be adding Plugins into the Website. In the WordPress Platform video you saw the restrictions on the Plugins you can use with the free plan. In this self-hosted website there are no restrictions.

WordPress Plugins

This is the plugin section. Select Add New this takes you to the main Plugin Repository.

There are 54,267 + plugins available in the WordPress Plugin Repository. A plugin adds a specific function to your website.

There are no restrictions on the use of plugins on a self-hosted website.
The only restriction would be a plugin that is not compatible with the theme you’re using.

Example: Using the keywords social media to search for social media plugins.

WordPress Plugins

Note the number of plugins is 1,861, and you’re on page 1 of 63.

You can use a WordPress plugin that is not in the WordPress Repository. Some plugins are developed specifically for a theme and in that case you would upload a .zip file from the plugins area in the dashboard of your website.

Self-hosted Website With a Blog

Homepage RealTime Paradigm a self-hosted website with a blog.

Self-hosted Website With a Blog

Homepage RealTime Paradigm a self-hosted website with a blog.

Joan is the Founder of RealTime Paradigm and is a WordPress Instructor with Content Academy.

She is a Website Consultant and uses a self-hosted website with a blog Demo Site to showcase the Divi Theme.

Blog Page

This is the blog page of RealTime Paradigm, a self-hosted website with a blog.

There are no restrictions or memory limitations on RealTime Paradigm and the full complement of the WordPress software is avaiable to grow into long-term expansion. This website can add a membership forum, a storefront, or offer courses.

This website is using the WordPress Premium Theme – the Divi Theme, hosted on SiteGround.

Summary is the main data area for the open source WordPress software. It is the repository for documentation and plugins. You do not host your website on

Self-hosted means you register a domain name and sign up with a Hosting Company for your website or blog on the Hosting Company servers.

The Hosting Company provides the WordPress core software. You choose a WordPress Theme you want to use for your blog or website with a blog.

Your Next Steps

Attend live online Jumpstarts hosted by Scott Winterroth and Joan Margau to help you get started with your Blog or Website with a Blog.

If you’re ready to start and are looking for a Hosting Company, we recommend SiteGround. This is an affiliate link to SiteGround as we use their services for our personal websites and recommend this company to clients.

Joan Margau


Jumpstart to WordPress

A self-hosted WordPress Blog or Website with a Blog, gives you the full complement of the WordPress software.

If you know what you want with your blog or website but need help starting, take the Jumpstart to WordPress Course.

Jumpstart to WordPress

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Scott Winterroth