The other day, I was introduced to a plugin that GoDaddy (Yes, GoDaddy) was developing to measure the performance of WordPress plugins activated on your site.

P3, or Plugin Performance Profiler, profiles your WordPress site’s plugin performance by measuring their overall impact on your site’s load time.

WordPress Speed and Performance is something I’m always trying to examine and measure.

Going through my network of WordPress sites, I was surprised at what plugins were the “resource” hogs and I’ve actually started to deactivate some of my “most treasured” plugins just because they are contributing to the site load.   Something that everyone should care about even if they’re a new or low-traffic site.

My realization is…

It’s the beginning of the New Year, so it’s a good time to take a moment to access your site’s overall speed and address some of the nice, but maybe not needed, plugins you have activated within your WordPress install.  Make a plan to revisit your active plugins in a couple of months and during that time, start to measure your overall feel of performance.  You know when your site is slow.  You may not want to realize it but you know.