The WordPress core team and bug testers are busy at work preparing for a new milestone release, including a new theme called Twenty Eleven, and we want to make sure you’re ready for the update to 3.2.  There’s several ways to see what’s in the works but here’s some quick tips on how to be prepared for a new, major release of WordPress.

  1. Follow the Main WordPress blog and follow any instructions the Core Team may give.
  2. Follow the WordPress Trac site for bug submissions and other things you may want to know.
  3. Create a separate WordPress install, on another domain and preferably server to create a sandbox, or test site, for the nightly release builds.  Install WordPress and download the beta tester plugin for the “bleeding edge” nightly builds. This is one of the way WordPress users can gain access to the new 3.2 beta and Twenty Eleven, the new theme.  This should be a “Private” site that if it breaks, it doesn’t cause any trouble.
  4. Ask us! We have a sandbox site ready to go and we’re happy to let clients give it a whirl.

-The WordPress Chicago Crew.

Screen shots of the new WordPress 3.2 dashboard and theme.