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Introduction to WordPress Widgets

Explaining WordPress widgets at one of my workshops is one of the hardest things to do.  I wrote a detailed blog post on explaining the concept behind WordPress widgets and ho   Please click the link above to read or here is a direct link:...

WordPress Theme recommendations for the serious beginner

Themes play a very important part in learning how to use WordPress as they control the appearance and feel of the public-facing side of the website. Getting to know a theme is critical for new users as it will be where they will likely need to place their logos and select configurations to work towards making each one uniquely theirs.

3 Musts for Making Your WordPress Blog Awesome

With 74.6 million blogs depending on WordPress software, how can you make YOUR WordPress blog stand out?  Here are 3 MUSTS for ensuring your WordPress blog’s awesomeness. Show Them How *Source: How can I lower my mortgage? How can I attract readers...

WordPress 4.4 Responsive Images, what everyday users need to know

If you have ever tried to load a website on a mobile device with very large “high-res” images, you have probably noticed a lag in how long it took to load the page. To save bandwidth and combat long loading times, web browsers are starting to provide special tools that allow website developers specify which image to load based on the type and size of the screen.

What is HTML Anyway?

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is sort of the grandfather code of the Internet. I’ve outlined a few HTML snippets that I think every WordPress bloggers should know by heart.

Harness the Power of Memcached

This is a bit more of an advanced topic compared to some of my prior posts but let’s talk about how fast your site loads. Site speed is something you will need to pay attention to especially as your WordPress site grows. A slow site can lead to many problems that will directly hurt your online strategy including:

5 Common WordPress install questions answered.

Questions we receive are generally related to getting started with WordPress self-hosted blogs. To help our prospective WordPress friends, I thought I would answer some of the common questions as they relate to installing WordPress.

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